How we work

More than 30 years of experience are waiting to familiarize you with the fascinating world of sport!

With our experience in (sport) marketing communication, we are ideally placed to advise our clients about what is and what isn’t feasible in the context of sport. Naturally, your wishes are our key concern and we will do whatever it takes to fulfil them, but we also see it as our responsibility to warn you against castles in the air and empty promises, which, unfortunately, we encounter all too often.

We work closely with an extensive network of people who are all specialists in their area of expertise. This means that we can put together the right team for every assignment and client. We think that such a team will be able to realise your wishes optimally. At all times, JM Smulders BV is in charge of the coordination, so that you will keep one contact for the daily affairs.

We can help to think about strategic choices, concept development and realization. Leading in this is that your marketing euros are always spent on realistic targets for realistic prices.

It makes sense for us to work closely with your current and already familiar communication specialists, in-house specialists or an outside agency. They know you and your company. There is one condition though: they have to be committed to going along with the route you have decided to take. Activating a concept calls for a 360 degrees approach, so the body of knowledge is a great importance for the different applications. Integrating sport within the whole package is a prerequisite for making the most of any rights that may be acquired. 

Bottom line is, it is the result that matters. Therefore, right from the start, we hold on to moments for evaluation in which the results are compared with the goals and criteria that were formulated at the beginning. 

Would you be interested in considering in what way sport could play a role in your marketing communication? Don’t hesitate and make an appointment free of any obligations.

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