“Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”

-Nelson Mandela


Worldwide, sport has an enormous impact on many areas of our society. However, where should you start as a company, if you are considering whether sport could be the missing link in your marketing-communication mix? Sport might be an excellent emotional supplement to your on and offline package; with the right choices, it could probably also support your programme for corporate social responsibility; and, last but not least,  it could increase your employee’s pride in their company.

No doubt, you have enough professional advisors on all sorts of areas at hand, but how objective is their opinion? We have heard it all before. Maybe it is time to talk to someone who has seen it all; from the perspective of the agency world, the business sector, and also from sport. Don’t expect lengthy strategic advice, since you determine your own strategy, but a conversation in which we openly discuss what is and isn’t possible, the aims, the budgets and the feasibility of sport in the context of your company. One cup of coffee (or maybe two) later, we may already have a clear picture and we can take the next steps  … or not, because it does have to lead to the result you want to achieve. So, please telephone or send an email, and an appointment is already on the card.

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